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Saddle up for your next triathlon with the latest products fresh out of the factory. 

1. Zefal Full-length Road Mudguards


Covering around eight per cent of the wheel for maximum protection, the Zefal full-length road mudguards are easy to mount and remove. The mounts are adjustable to suit most bikes’ geometry and weigh just 380 grams.

2. Cygolite Hotrod Taillight 


Packed in a sleek profile that complements your road bike, the Hotrod 50 unleashes a powerful 50 lumens of radiant wide coverage. USB rechargeable, Hotrod’s six attention-grabbing modes keep motorists aware of your presence anytime you’re on the road. Its versatite flexible mount lets you attach the Hotrod 50 taillight to most seat posts and seat stays, including aero styles. 

3. FlipBelt Zipper


The FlipBelt zipper version has a secure zipper pocket and is wide enough to accommodate even the largest smartphones. The no-buckle system and even design makes the FlipBelt the most comfortable belt on the market. Simply step into the belt like a pair of pants and place it where you feel most comfortable. The zipper version has three access points and you can secure your keys on the sewn-in clip.


4. Speedplay Ultra Light Action Pedal


Speedplay manufacture a range of pedals to suit whatever your preferred mode of cycling is. Whether it be MTB, cross, gravel, triathlon, road, coffee or professional, Speedplay has a system for you. Speedplay offers various spindle lengths as well as a range of foot correction wedges and shims. Speedplay is available in Zero Nanogram, Zero Aero, Zero, Ultra Light Action, X Series, Nero Pave’, Syzr, Frog and Brass Knuckles.



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