Paralympic tri start list confirmed



With paratriathlon set to debut at the Paralympic Games for the first time in under two weeks on September 10-11, ITU has confirmed the start lists for the 2016 Rio Paralympic Games.

“Debuting at the Paralympic Games is a cornerstone moment for our sport, one that we have long awaited, and one that the athletes deserve,” ITU President and IOC Member Marisol Casado said.

“We are looking forward to this historic moment when our incredible paratriathletes compete on the world’s biggest sporting stage.”

The men will race first with the PT4 & PT2 sport classes starting off at 10am and 10.03am on September 10. The PT1 men will follow at 11.20am.

The women will then take to Copacabana Beach on September 11, with the PT4 and PT2 sport classes starting off at 10am and 10.03am. The PT5 sport classes will begin their staggered start at 11.20am.

Following the IPC’s decision to suspend the Russian National Paralympic Committee, the three Russian paratriathletes that had qualified for Paralympics, will no longer be able to participate. They were therefore replaced by a selection led by the IPC in consultation with ITU. 

“We respect the IPC’s decision to suspend the Russian National Paralympic Committee decision in light of further investigation into State-sponsored doping. We deeply regret the effect this State-sponsored doping has on the opportunities for clean paratriathletes athletes to compete,” Casado said.

“The entire systematic doping scandal in Russia is disheartening and challenging, and incredibly sad for all athletes as it casts a shadow of doubt on the equality of competition. It requires much further investigation, as well as serious dialogue in the sport community on the due process in which doping violations are handled.”

Click here for the start lists for each sport class.


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