Feature preview: Kate Doughty sets up for the Paralympics in Rio


Feature preview: Kate Doughty sets up for the Paralympics in Rio

Attending the Games has been a dream for Kate Doughty who will take her place at Rio’s Copacabana Beach this month where paratriathlon will make its Paralympic Games debut. Here, we share a preview into the September cover star's inspirational journey.

Kate Doughty wasn’t a triathlete until 2014.

She didn’t know the difference between a time trial bike and a road bike. Two short years later and Kate is representing Australia at the Rio Paralympics, continuing what has been a meteoric rise in the sport. Kate, who was born without a right hand, competes in the PT4 category, which comprises of athletes with a below-the-elbow arm amputation, below-the-knee amputation, partial loss of arm muscle power, lower limb deficiency or mild neurological impairments. 

While her para-triathlon career to date is only short, it’s already sweet – with ITU medals in Yokohama (two gold), Penrith (gold), Sunshine Coast (silver), Detroit (bronze) and Chicago (bronze). But up until two years ago Kate dreamed of representing Australia at the Paralympics by walking out her horse, Al Capone, into the dressage arena rather than wheeling her bike out of T1. 

In terms of results, Kate only naturally dares to dream of a podium finish and having a medal, whether it is gold, silver or bronze, laid around her neck. But most importantly she wants to be able to look herself in the eye and know she gave the Paralympics everything she has. After all, it has been a 20-year dream in the making.

“My main thing apart from that (medalling) is knowing I’ve done everything possible to have the best performance on the day. I’ve made so many sacrifices…I just want to be able to finish with no regrets,” she said 

Kate along with six paralympians will compete in Triathlon on Setpember 10 and 11 2016. Meet the Triathlon team here.

Discover more about Kate’s journey in the September edition of Triathlon Multisport Magazine.

Image by Delly Carr.

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